Recently I took the plunge to move from using Processing (wonderful as it is) to openFrameworks for all my openGL related needs. I have by no means abandoned Processing but I have been getting more and more interested in motion graphics type work and for this openFrameworks just wins on frame rate.
Getting used to Xcode and the syntax of C++ was (and is) a pretty steep learning curve coming from the neat little IDE of Processing so for my first steps I concentrated on a real simple generative pattern making application, making use of some addons along the way to learn the ropes of using external libraries etc… As is usual for me I gave it a daft working name, however this time it stuck, and so I present Jeff.

I only compiled it for mac and I have a feeling it won’t play nicely with Lion or whatever they are calling their latest OS, and even if it does work for you I take no responsibility whatsoever for it crashing your machine. I left plenty of scope in the values for you to add way too many objects and if you do so your computer will almost certainly freeze up while you franticly try to quit out of it. If you really want to try it, its HERE. i’ll get round to using github eventually… i promise.

The application opens in fullscreen but can be toggled with “F” , a quick tap of “Z” will toggle the UI on and off. “P” hides the mouse pointer (handy for screenshots) and if you right click and drag the mouse you can rotate the image, similarly with left click you can zoom in and out. Pressing “M” will lock the camera controls so you can move sliders on the interface without messing your angle up.

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